Ways to Imagine

Exposition of the art series at Tank Stream Labs
Have you thought about why and how we perceive things in life? Why do people look at the same thing yet it results in different opinions?

It is fascinating how complex our minds are. Art series "Ways to Imagine" express appreciation to the diversity of our minds.
In this endlessly changing reality, our beliefs could sometimes limit our imagination. And our imagination is a space where ideas and alternative ways could be found. These Artworks were created to help to broaden our perception, widen ways of thinking and power imagination.

The artworks invite us to have a dialogue within. Every individual might see a unique narrative in every art piece. A tip to help us to dive into spaciousness of creativity, try to observe the flow of shapes interacting with each other, its combination of colours and contrasts.
I am inviting you to browse through the artworks with the eyes of a child. Give your mind a break and let the art drive your imagination. See what you might discover. Enjoy!
Each artwork could be placed on any side at any surface. The way it feels right in the moment. They look great on shelves, desks and bed tables. Any could be placed on a wall as Tank Stream Labs team have done during the exhibition at their office.

Changing their position every season, for example, or once in a while, will change the atmosphere in the space. As well as help to open your perception to see things differently and come up with breakthrough ideas.
Artwork from series "Ways to Imagine"
Acrylic on Timber. Combination of Clean Pour, Dutch Pour and Blow Pour techniques finished with a touch of gold.

As a wholehearted artist, Marí Koval wants to make a difference. These artworks were created with recyclable materials, water-based paint and no disposable plastic were used.
Marí Koval
artist, muralist & illustrator

Marí creates sustainable art for companies and private clients. She conveys emotions and transmits feelings through artworks to form an authentic atmosphere for every space and client. She holds a Master of Art and Graphic Design graduated with honour and a Business & Finance degree. Her experience in Marketing and Business Development ranges from startups to global companies. She has a founder's vision when it comes to projects. This combination along with natural curiosity and love for groundbreaking approaches make Marí Koval one of a kind artist.
Feel free to contact Marí with any questions about these artworks.
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